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Most of the issue is around knowing what VE does at low MAP. I don't have data for that so it's mostly a guess to make it kind of look like what I think I've seen over the years.

Also I didn't spend any time at all trying to get the system reaction time correct, the volume from TB to intake valve is 1/3 to 1/2 the cylinder volume and with ITBS there is time for the runner to return to ambient between cycles so I assumed its what you get it what you get right now.....and VE is a guess anyway.

Really I wasn't trying to simulate anything other than a general engine. Its kind of cool (in a geek way) to watch it run and it shows you where basic issues might be, and settings like TPS are about where they would be on a running engine but not quite and the result has not value in tuning anything real. It lets me do very basic testing at my desk during lunch but not much more.

But it works. The throttle tuning went much like the real throttle tuning but try as I might I couldn't get the simulator to like the real throttle tuning I gave up and settle for a throttle sim settings that made it act about right then tuned the ECU PID to control it. The rev limit stuff does look just about like what an engine banging into the limiter looks like...but neither is exactly right so putting them together might be asking to much but the result is about what I'd expect to see.....its hard to move the throttle from 100% to 30% in just 200 rev climb.....I think???

I did get the idle working well with a few rewrites to the idle code...I'll try that on the engine once it runs and see if it actually works. The rev limit is different though because the simulated engine acels much faster than it decels and with idle I grab the throttle 400 RPM above set point to let is settle gently to target....I can't do that with rev limit, at least not without pissing off any one who races :)

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