Tuning communication through other software
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Author:  mekilljoydammit [ Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tuning communication through other software

ABAB is what we tried to do in emissions development stuff - but yeah, that's illustrating my point even more. When some random person bolts on a part and it doesn't make a change so they stop there, it seems like really bad science.

In a "dream" state on the antilag stuff... well, first I note having even the hardware built is a few steps down the line. But there's newer wastegate actuators that are linear actuators vs pneumatics, and small electronic throttle bodies. So what I'd like to do is have a "torque request" style management, but look at turbo speed to figure out how to get there. For example if half torque is requested and the turbo speed is well below target, get to the given torque level by using more engine throttle opening and more spark retard, open the second little throttle to bypass air around the engine and into the exhaust manifold, and richen things up significantly (or in the case of a GDI engine, have a second injection event during the exhaust stroke) Basically seamlessly transition between a conventional turbo ICE and an ICE with a gas turbine bolted on the side.

Or, obviously there's less complex forms of the same idea.

Author:  mk e [ Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tuning communication through other software

Yeah...good science is a lot of work.......I hate work....

So far in the ecu stuff I've been doing I've stayed away form torque request because it seems like it could turn into a chicken or egg game really fast. The electric throttle is the best example....can't setup the throttle because I don't have a torque curve, can't get a torque curve without a working throttle. Change ANYTHING and the throttle setup is wrong. I know ALL the oems have gone this path for some pretty good reasons.....but I don't think any aftermarket ecus have because its just not linear setup steps friendly. Easy enough to code my throttle stuff I think the throttle translation table you just enter the torque curve and you have it I think.

Author:  mekilljoydammit [ Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tuning communication through other software

I like having answers I can be reasonably sure of enough to do some semblance of science. Thus why I started with "buying and setting up a dyno" before I got heavily into engine development.

Torque request based stuff is an enormous can of worms the way I have it envisioned because it might be necessary to start looking at things as a couple 3d maps. Imagine the upper bounds being a conventional looking "throttle/etc output for requested torque vs RPM" map tuned efficiently, and the lower bounds being the same thing, but tuned to be as inefficient as possible for the requested torque so as to have the most exhaust energy available for the turbo.

That may be excessively complicated the more I think of it. I really do want to do a test engine and push the outer limits at some point though, not because I have a racing application for it but because I think it'd be fun.

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